Following the hip replacement recall of the ASR XL Acetabular and ASR Hip Resurfacing System by Johnson and Johnson subsidiary DePuy, reports have indicated that the said orthopedic manufacturer have already known the 5 -year failure rate of the devices. A New York Times article written in March 2010 disclosed that months before DePuy issued a recall of the hip replacements, they were aware that the ASRs were failing at a dramatic rate.

In recent interviews, orthopedic experts expressed their disappointment over the fact that DePuy haven't withdrawn the ASRs as soon as data were gathered. More so, data collected in Australia, where the hip replacements were sold more extensively than in the United States, have been accumulating for quite some time now. The company have been sitting on the data a long time before issuing the hip recall.

Australian director of an implant database, Dr. Stephen Graves, asserted that the company's plans to phase out the devices before 2010 ends were too late to curb alarming damages. Unfavorable data have already started to pile up in Australia, where the hip replacements were sold more extensively than in the United States. It showed for quite some time that the devices fail earlier than their competitors. Prior to the worldwide hip recall, DePuy have withdrawn the ASRs from the Australian market.

As early as 2008, the U.S. Foods and Drugs Administration has started to receive around 300 complaints against the DePuy hip replacements. An ASR 'cup', which is a device component sold separately, did not undergo clinical trials for approval. A company representative claimed that problems with the ASRs were because surgeons were installing them improperly. Shortly after that however, DePuy started sending out letters to doctors saying the hip replacements were less effective among women, persons with small stature and those who have weak bones.

A faulty DePuy hip replacement were said to cause substanital damage to a patient. Metal ions from the device are scraped off and affect muscles, tissues and bloodstream. At the very worst, an expensive second hip replacement surgery is required.

It is clear that DePuy could have taken appropriate action had they wanted to do so. If you are a recipient of a DePuy hip replacement ASR, you need to consult your doctor to undergo a medical evaluation. An appointment with a hip recall lawyer is important for them to protect your best interests.

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