When one consents to a hip replacement procedure, he or she expects to have a better overall health experience due to an improved hip condition. Lawsuits numbering in the hundreds were filed against DePuy when the company issued a voluntary recall of two of their hip implants namely, ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. Twelve to thirteen percent of the total 93,000 recipients are expected to be needing a total hip replacement surgery due to the fact that the devices fail within five years of implantation. This would mean that additional expenses need to be made and a longer period of time is required for recovery and rehabilitation. The hip replacement recall has made headlines in the medical and legal field.

It is essential that you find out if you have been implanted with a defective DePuy ASR device especially if you have been operated on between now and 2003. Symptoms of a failed hip replacement include pain, stiffness in the hip area, dislocation, difficulty walking and cobalt and chromium poisoning. If you have not experienced any of these, that still does not mean that you get off scott-free from the complications the defective implants cause.

But if you find out that what you have is not a DePuy hip replacement but you still experience the symptoms of a failed implant, you may still have grounds to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your hip prosthesis. If you are not sure, your surgeon or your primary health physician could give you the name of your hip device.

Other than DePuy ASRs, the Zimmer Durom cup has also been recalled. Whatever it is you have been implanted with, you should seek the legal expertise of a lawyer who would define and describe to you the options you can take regarding the recall. Speaking with an attorney would greatly improve your chances of recovering compensation.

To learn more about the DePuy hip replacement recall or if you wish to take legal expertise, feel free to visit the hip replacement website.
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